Strong Criminal Defense

At The Law Office of Patrick E O'Neill, PSC, our goal is to get you a just and reasonable outcome to your criminal case. We have experience working with clients toward an acquittal, plea deal or trial.

Strategic Representation In Your Criminal Law Case

We will prepare your case as if for trial, seeking strategic ways to reduce charges. We aim to bring an honest outlook to your case and to protect your reputation and future. We will always fight for your constitutional rights and the best solution for your situation.

We Can Help With Many Criminal Charges

Our founding attorney, Patrick E O'Neill, has a history of strong results for clients facing criminal charges, including drug charges, domestic violence and others. We can work to help you:

  • Prove you are not a flight risk to a judge
  • Have a reasonable bond set for you
  • Strategize the best defense for your case
  • Fight state and federal criminal charges
  • Keep your license after a DUI
  • Fight murder, burglary or arson charges
  • Combat false allegations of violence or kidnapping
  • Contest charges of opioid trafficking and possession of drugs
  • Refute sex crime charges and avoid the Kentucky sex offender registry
  • Defend yourself against claims of sexual abuse or rape

A Strong Approach To Criminal Defense

We bring a calm logic and realistic outlook to our clients' cases. You will not feel alone during this trying time in your life. We will travel to the cities and courts that your case requires and work to reduce your fines and jail time. We have the skills to work toward dismissal, acquittal or probation in your case and to lessen the penalties for Kentucky criminal charges.

We Care About Your Future

If you already have a conviction on the books, our firm will work to help get your criminal record erased through expungement. Recent Kentucky law changes now allow specific D Class penalties, or misdemeanors, to be expunged. We will strategize on your particular case and how to protect your future. Together, we can find a constructive path forward when you face criminal charges or a conviction.

Contact an experienced local criminal lawyer if you are facing serious charges. Call our Jackson law offices today at 606-666-2990 or fill out the online form to request a consultation on your criminal defense matter.