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A DUI conviction can hit a person's wallet hard

Our blog has previously discussed that picking up a DUI conviction in Kentucky, even if it is first offense, can land a person in jail. Moreover, the drunk driving conviction could also mean time on probation and a license suspension.

Finally, like any other criminal conviction, a DUI to some extent is going to be a black mark on a person's professional record. For those who may have professional licenses or who may drive for a living, even one DUI can put a real damper on a person's career.

Another thing Jackson residents need to consider when deciding what to do about a drunk driving charge is that a conviction will cost them thousands of dollars. On average, a person can expect to lose between $10,000 and $25,000 on one drunk conviction, even if it is a first offense and there are no aggravating circumstances like an accident or a particularly high blood alcohol content.

For one, many judges will impose a fine in addition to other penalties. They are also likely to impose court costs and other mandatory fees that can quickly add up.

Additionally, being on probation will usually cost several hundred dollars. Over and above any fees for the probation service itself, a person may have to write checks for drug or alcohol treatment, an ignition interlock device, random testing and the like. On a related point, it will cost in order to get one's license reinstated.

Finally, one should not forget that a DUI will often cause one's automobile insurance premiums to skyrocket at least for the short term. Since a driver has to have insurance, this is simply another cost of a drunk driving conviction.

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