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Getting benefits for intellectual disability

About one percent of all Kentucky residents suffer from diagnosable intellectual disability. Of these one percent, 85 out of 100 have a mild intellectual disability, meaning that they can perform many functions in society or on the job, albeit at a slower pace. The remaining 15 percent may have profound problems with handling even the most basic tasks of life.

The Social Security Administration recognizes an intellectual disability as a condition which can qualify a person for Social Security disability benefits.

However, it is important to remember that IQ tests are not the end all and be all of diagnosing an intellectual disability.

In other words, although an IQ score of under 70 on a full scale test is an indicator of an intellectual disability, an applicant will have to submit proof that he or she cannot perform certain functions that are usually critical to being able to hold a job.

For instance, even with proper care and accommodations, someone with an intellectual disability may find it very difficult to retain information, including basic instructions. Likewise, it may be hard for someone with an intellectual disability to be able to communicate with colleagues effectively or even to respond to a changing environment.

The bottom line though, is that a person with an intellectual disability, or his or her advocate, will have to submit proof to the Social Security Administration showing that the impairment prevents the person from holding a job.

Doing so will require much more than just an accurate IQ test; it may also require evaluations from doctors and other caregivers who can give a clear picture on how an intellectual disability is affecting a person's life.

Organizing a successful application for Social Security disability benefits on behalf of someone in the Jackson area with an intellectual disability may require the assistance of an experienced attorney.

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