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Marijuana use on the rise among college students

Although marijuana remains illegal in Kentucky for all reasons, a recent report suggests that many college students are simply not paying attention to these rules. According to the report, over 40% of all college students said that within the previous 12 months they have used some form of marijuana. This number is up from 38% in 2018. Additionally, one in four college students said that they had used in the previous month, which is an increase from about 21%.

Police charge 20 with various drug crimes

A coordinated effort among different law enforcement agencies called Operation River Sweep came to a climax with at least 20 people facing serious criminal charges related to drugs. The group of agencies, called the Northern Kentucky Drug Strike Force, focused their efforts on a city in Northern Kentucky.

Two arrested in connection with meth bust

Two men from a different part of Kentucky are facing serious criminal charges after police conducted an investigation pertaining to methamphetamine. Police have indicated that they plan to make additional arrests in connection with their investigation. Federal authorities were also involved in the arrests.

Overview of police searches of cars

Police officers may have reason to believe, on occasion, sometimes for good reasons, that illegal activity or illicit drug use is taking place in a person's vehicle. Oftentimes, police will therefore search a person's vehicle, even without their permission. They often use what they find to work with local prosecutors in bringing allegations of drug crimes.

Former football star facing drug trafficking charges

A former high school standout Kentucky football player who spent four years playing for a college in state now faces allegations that he was trafficking cocaine. Police say that the player's arrest came at the conclusion of an investigation that took officers several weeks.

Drug trafficking is taken seriously in Kentucky

The federal government and the states are tough on drug offenses. Among the wide variety of drug crimes and individual could face, one of the most serious is drug trafficking. Kentucky prosecutors will file trafficking charges when police suspect that the accused person was providing drugs to someone else, even if the person did so for little or no money.

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