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Getting benefits for intellectual disability

About one percent of all Kentucky residents suffer from diagnosable intellectual disability. Of these one percent, 85 out of 100 have a mild intellectual disability, meaning that they can perform many functions in society or on the job, albeit at a slower pace. The remaining 15 percent may have profound problems with handling even the most basic tasks of life.

Is there a way to speed up the administrative hearing process?

Oftentimes, maybe even more often than not, residents of Kentucky who apply for disability benefits will have their applications denied at the initial stages. This even happens to people who genuinely have an illness or injury that prevents them from working.

Social Security fraud panic may lead to social media monitoring

It has long been the thought of many politicians and others that many residents of Kentucky and other states apply for Social Security payments based on a disability that either does not exist or, at best, has been greatly exaggerated.

Winning an administrative hearing isn't easy

It is a sad reality that many applicants for Social Security benefits, even when they are truly disabled and definitely need the help, wind up having their requests denied at the outset. When this happens, a Jackson, Kentucky, resident's only option will likely be to ask for a hearing before an administrative law judge for a reconsideration hearing.

Social Security Disability for workplace injuries

Many people in and around Jackson, Kentucky work with their hands in order to make a living. While there are jobs of this type which pay well and which are enjoyable, one downside to them is that a physical injury at work can mean a person has no means of providing for his family.

Can I get disability benefits after a drug conviction?

Many people in Jackson, Kentucky, may be struggling under the weight of a drug addiction along with physical or mental limitations that are not their fault yet keep them from working. These people might wonder whether their record will keep them from getting Social Security Disability benefits.

Number of people applying for SSD drops more than expected

It is no secret that the number of people applying for disability swings downward when the economy is in an upswing, as it is currently. On the flip side, when the economy goes in to recession, then there are more applications for Social Security Disability.

Overview of the Social Security disability program

Many residents of Jackson, Kentucky, may have a general idea that the federal government offers benefits to those who are legally disabled. However, they may not know exactly how the government's program works, even if they should find themselves suddenly unable to work and in need of financial help.

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