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Special rules apply when suing the government

Generally speaking, at least in recent time, governments and their employees have been held to the same negligence standard as everyone else. In other words, if an employee of the government acts negligently or negligently maintains public property, then victims of any accident can file a personal injury action.

Texting and driving is more prevalent among younger drivers

According to a recent study that was reported through the national online media, drivers from the so-called Millennial generation, that is, those born in the 1980s through the mid-1990s, are more likely to use a cellular phone while driving.

Cell phones are not the only hi-tech cause of distracted driving

There has been much focus on the part of law enforcement and advocacy groups when it comes to texting and driving and using cellular phones. While this concern is of course well-founded since texting and driving causes serious and even fatal accidents, cell phones are not the only cause of distracted driving.

We represent victims of careless teen drivers

Several previous posts on this blog have talked about the fact that, for a number of reasons, teen drivers pose some extra risk while they are out and about on the road. While some of this extra risk might be just due to inexperience, in many cases, there is also an element of bad or immature judgment involved.

One can still drive drunk and be under .08

A previous post on this blog suggested that victims of a drunk driver in Kentucky and elsewhere have legal options available to them for obtaining compensation. In the right type of case, a victim may even be able to obtain punitive damages. Particularly, during this holiday season when people may be more likely to get behind the wheel after a few drinks, it is important for Kentucky residents to be aware drunk driving is not always synonymous with driving over the legal limit of .08 blood alcohol content, although this of course is dangerous behavior as well.

Are you able to get punitive damages in a personal injury case?

There are many times when a person in Jackson, Kentucky, gets hurt in an accident and thinks, at least to themselves, that the other person who caused the accident was being more than just careless. For example, someone who gets hurt in a drunk or drugged driving accident may be particularly angry at the drunk driver, since it is so obvious that driving under the influence is dangerous, yet the other person involved insisted on doing it anyway. Other examples might fall in to this category as well.

Options for victims of work-related accidents

Many people in Jackson, Kentucky, work hard at their jobs every day in order to provide for their families, and many of these jobs are dangerous and leave a worker prone to personal injury. Moreover, even working in a safe profession is no guarantee that a person will not get hurt while on the job.

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